Procurement of electrical vehicles

The City of Stockholm and Vattenfall have together with SKL Kommentus Inköpscental AB carried out a national procurement resulting in frame work agreements regarding electric vehicles (pure electrical vehicles and plug-in hybrids) from four different suppliers.

Both public bodies and private companies were invited to join the procurement. A total number of 335 parters/buyers have stated an estimated purchase volume of 1 250 electric vehicles/year. The contacts are for two years but may be prolonged for a total time of four years.

The Swedish Energy Agency is providing financial support by compensating for additional cost of the first 550 vehicles that are bought through the procurement frame work contracts. This means that organizations will receive up to 50 percent funding of the additional cost, maximum SEK 100 000 (approximately € 10 000). The additional cost is the difference between the cost of an electric vehicle and its closest counterpart among combustion engine vehicles.

Vehicle categories in the procurement

Cars – electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, both small, medium and large sized cars
Vans – electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, both small and large vans under 3,5 tons

There were no limit to the number of suppliers that could be contracted in the final agreement.

The vehicles currently available are:

Passenger cars

Chevrolet Volt (PHEV)
Citroën C Zero
Mitsubish iMiEV and Outlander
Renault Zoe

Transport vehicles

Renault Kangoo Express ZE and Maxi with 2 or 5 seats


The suppliers may include new models later on.

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