Sweden a perfect country for EVs

There are many reasons why Sweden is a very suitable country for electric vehicles:

High interest in buying electric vehicles
Swedish companies and organisations have a high willingness to buy electric vehicles. This became evident in a study carried out by Vattenfall and the City of Stockholm at the end of 2009. Over 100 municipalities and businesses expressed a demand for almost 14 000 electric vehicles in the period 2011 to 2014.

65 percent of households have easy access to charging
Approximately 65 percent of Swedish households already have easy access to electrical sockets at home or at work mainly through the existing infrastructure for engine preheaters. Swedish car drivers are already very used to plugging in their cars.

Electricity with low emissions results in better environmental profile
Sweden has very low CO2 emissions as hydro and nuclear power account for over 90 percent of the annual power generation. Thus use of electric vehicles in Sweden will result in better environmental performance than in countries with electricity with higher emissions.

Stable production and transmission system with high capacity
The swedish electricity system and grids are dimensioned for cold winterdays when elelctricity demand from both households and industry peaks. A large scale introduction of electrical vehicles will not have a significant impact on electricity networks, especially since cars are mainly charged during off-peak hours, i.e. nights.

Environmentally aware Swedes adopt new technology early
Sweden is a good test market as Swedes are early adopters of new technologies and have high environmental awareness.

As a result of the fact that Swedes are open for alternative vehicles, Sweden has the largest fleet of clean cars in Europe. In 2009, 39 percent of all new vehicles sold in Sweden were environmentally adopted cars (i.e biogas, ethanol, electric hybrid or low consuming energy efficient cars).

Economic incentives and cheap electricity
Electricity prices are lower in Sweden than in many other European countries giving elerctric vehicles low driving costs. Electric vehicles have no vehicles tax the first five years. Electric vehicles also receive a super-clean-car-premium of 40 000 SEK (~ € 4 000) from the government.

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