Initiators and partners

The City of Stockholm
Through the Clean Vehicles and Fuels Programme the City of Stockholm has a long experience of clean vehicles including electric vehicles. The aim is to increase the number of clean vehicles in Stockholm. Work has focused on increasing the number of vehicle models and fuelling/charging infrastructure etc. The City of Stockholm has extensive experience from procurements of clean vehicles, both nationally and internationally.

Vattenfall AB
Vattenfall AB is the Swedish state-owned energy company. Vattenfall has worked with electric vehicles in different forms since the 1980s and believes that electric driving will be part of a long-term sustainable society. Vattenfall currently runs a number of projects aimed at promoting the electric vehicle market in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Projects involve the development of products and services related to charging of electric vehicles, and demo fleets to gain experience of user behaviour.

SKL Inköpscentral AB
SKL Kommentus Inköpscentral AB specialises in national procurement processes for municipalities, county councils and regions and is affiliated to the Swedish Association of Local Authoroities and Regions. SKL Kommentus will conduct the electric vehicle procurement.

Financial support

Swedish Energy Agency
The Swedish Energy Agency finances the initiative with SEK62 M (approx. €6.2 M). The support is mainly intended for companies and organisations buying the vehicles.


The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

The Royal Institute of Technology will perform the technical evaluation of the vehicles and the drivers’ evaluation regarding behaviour and environmental impact.

Test Site Sweden

Test Site Sweden is responsible for handling the data that is collected.

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